Fishes Bonaire

Drink, Eat, Fish, Repeat...

Welcome to It Rains Fishes!

This completely restyled restaurant offers top of the line dining experiences on the waterfront of our truly gorgeous Caribbean island in the Dutch Caribbean.

Fresh fish market

In front of It Rains Fishes there are several fishing boats. Almost daily they leave in the early morning to go fishing. Immediately after return the catch is cleaned in front of our restaurant. Depending on the catch of that day, many of these fish can be found on our menu. Fresh fish is also flown in from different countries like Holland, the USA and Canada.

Every day you can choose the fish from our regular menu. On Wednesday we have a special with fresh fish from the Netherlands, displayed on our outside buffet. Thursdays we have a "fish market" where you can see, taste and eat more than 10 different local and international fish and seafood, also displayed at our outside buffet. There you can create your own fish- and seafood platter, prepared by our cooks in the kitchen.

If you want to take some fresh fish or seafood home to cook yourself, please check out our "fish market" every day. Our staff is glad to help you and explain the different fish, seafood and more to you.

Check us out!

Through this website we aim to give you a good idea of what you are about to encounter, so please take a look at our menu. We make food look good! Learn about the restaurant's history and book a reservation online. Would you like to have a dining experience like this on your chosen outdoor location or at home? Ask for our catering options!